CFTUG: You gotta love MMA Fans

Welcome to a new feature on MMA Rants Today. CFTUG. or Comments from the UG for those not in the know. The UG is the original place for MMA fans, it’s a forum that’s been around for a long time, practically every fighter on earth is a member. Many of them post regularly (like Ian McMall and Pat Barry) even Dana White takes to the underground on the regular. We love the UG for the forum and the fans. You’ll find us lurking around there pretty often, commenting and laughing.

Here are a few examples of comments from some hardcore fans. Enjoy, and if you need a place to hang out and talk MMA you might want to create a user name and go mad.

Some Hendo Love

Some Jon Jones love hate after Jones talked about Hendo saying he’s sloppy.

More Jones love

This guy is looking forward to TUF: The Smashes

Critiquing Ronda Rousey’s nude photos

Rumble young man Rumble