Chael Sonnen Faces Biggest Test

As a fan of MMA, you gotta love Chael Sonnen.

First off, he’s got the best pre-fight trash talk of anyone I know. The man is a master of insult, often hurling comments his opponents’ way via twitter, interviews and live appearances. He can take a man apart with his verbal strikes and get into his head come fight time.

Of course, it helps that he can back it up with his fists.

His recent barrage against the culture and fighters of Brazil led many to believe he would be facing a fighter from the country that brought us Jiu-Jitsu. Particularly Lyoto Machida, whom he targeted and who would have been a good challenge for Sonnen as he comes back to the Octagon™.

But, alas, it is not to be, as the UFC in their wisdom, has pitted him against Brian Stann, American Hero™ a strong fighter, a military veteran, who has been coming up the ranks (and beating everyone who stands in his way, for the most part convincingly) and who Sonnen has great respect for.

Someone who may, by his very persona, take away Sonnen’s most powerful pre-fight weapon: trash talk. How do you, if you’re Chael, insult this guy?

There’s very little bait here. And, accordingly, we’ve heard little out of Sonnen in the manner to which we’ve become accustomed.

Which is probably good for the sport, as the UFC moves to it’s new, higher-profile Fox-based home. I’m sure they don’t want Sonnen’s trash talk to be the first thing millions of American homes hear as they are introduced to the UFC.

But believe this: win or lose, whoever Sonnen gets next is gonna get the insults flying at a record pace!

And I can’t wait!