CHAEL_SONNSNE_SOEAKS_THE_TRUTHChael Sonnen sat with Chris Jericho on his podcast and got real for the entire interview. He talked about his WCW tryout, how the WWE contacted him to tell him they didn’t want him, unless TNA wanted him. Which is hilarious.

He also talks about his failed tests. He comes clean and says he was trying to game the system, got caught and is paying the price. It’s refreshing to hear an athlete say something like that. Remember when Chris Leben got caught, he came clean immediatly and look how we feel about him. The truth will set you free! Listen to the whole interview, it’s pretty good, except for Chris.

Check out the whole podcast interview by clicking the link. Chris Jericho Podcast. We suggest starting at the 20 minute mark to bypass the singing and nonsense that is Jericho’s intro.


Rumble young man Rumble