Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis Movie Trailer

Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis is one of those people in history who I really wish I had an opportunity to meet. He’s in a list with the likes of Salvador Dali, Albert Einstein, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Helio Gracie, Buddha and Jesus just to name a few. Everything I’ve heard about him, from friends, fans, and random people have all been incredibly positive. Even 3 years later, now that I’m behind the scenes, I expected to hear some gossip, rumors or any sort of negativity about the man, cause that’s what usually happens. Only, it hasn’t happened. I’ve not heard anything negative about the man himself, sure, I’ve heard lots and lots about TapouT since his demise, but nothing about him. I find that remarkable, and sad. It makes his loss more difficult, I always figured I’d meet him someday, shake his hand, maybe drink a beer and take a pic. If I was lucky, some of his intensity and drive might have rubbed off on me in the brief time I would have been in his presence. Mask inspired me in many ways, and even though I never had the privilege of meeting him person, I miss him and his incredible energy.

I’m not the only one he inspired, check out this movie trailer about the man, Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis.

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