“CM Sonnen!..CM Sonnen?”

Hey, hey what’s up fight fans it’s your West Coast Homie from the BYP Nameo “The Great” back again with another rant…Thanks for the wonderful response & feed back to my first post “Hip-hop Style Beef may save Women’s MMA.” If you haven’t read it, do me a solid and check it out after your finished with this one 🙂  Ok,  before I start let me warn you, if you’re one of those Cat’s that does not believe in or by into the whole “crossover” component between MMA and Sports Entertainment I.e. Pro wrestling then you’re going to hate this rant… LOL Just kidding..Relax it’s all about fun, and getting it.  Those that do are making this game exciting.  Check it out!

“CM Sonnen! C.M. Sonnen” of course is me mocking the chant of “CM Punk!, CM Punk!”  Which is showered upon WWE Superstar & current champion CM Punk. Yes Pro Wrestling. What does that have to do with MMA you ask?  Well my friends; On January 28th the UFC returns to the Fox network with its second live fight card. Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz is a featured bout, with the winner expected to go on to face the seemingly unstoppable UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva.  UFC on Fox 2, taking place in Chicago, Illinois, The hometown of Mr. Punk. Mr. Sonnen being a huge Pro Wrestling fan and  marketing master that he is will have CM Punk escort him down to the Octagon™,

(C)hicago (M)ade Punk is extremely popular in his hometown and all over the world right now, He is the hottest thing, WWE fans love MMA and Chael Sonnen. If he walks down to ‘Cult of Personality’ by Living Colour, which is CM Punks current theme song, as rumored,  forget about it! That place will explode with CM Punk Chants. Chael “gets” the whole entertainment aspect of the MMA game much like The Floyd Mayweather’s, the King Mo’s, the Frank Mir’s and the original the Great Muhammad Ali did. Use that mouth to make that money!  They have the goods to back it up, it’s about creating excitement and making people want to pay to see you fight.

Chael is loved by the so called “crossover” fans because the way he presents his persona is reminiscent of a Pro Wrestler. He’s cocky, brash, cuts “promo’s” on other fighters, and boy oh boy has he backed it up so far, He almost beat The Spider last time they fought. Like I always say this isn’t horse shoes or hand grenades but that sure was damn close. I am of the opinion however, that had it not been for the rib fracture Anderson had it would have been a whole different fight but, hey we may just get the answer to that question should Chael be victorious on the 28th of this month.

Fun Fact: Did you know there have been many Actual MMA stars that were also ….’Pro Wrasslers’ Peep this,  Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Kazushi Sakuraba, Don Frye, Bob Sapp, Bobby Lashley and most famously Brock Lesnar just to name a few. All put on the tights at one time or another. These names that I listed have been able to go back and forth and have figured out how to use that entertainment aspect to increase their profile and worth in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Look, Dana White is smart, and even if he is not aware of the whole CM Puck “angle” if you will, there are many, many layers into clearing a song for broadcast on PPV. Someone on that staff will be hip to this and most likely Chael Sonnen will not come out to “Cult of Personality”.   I highly doubt Punk will have that WWE Title belt on display; this could turn out to be much to do about nothing. Punk will be one of many that walks him down, the crowd may chant a little bit and then we will have what I believe  is going to be a pretty awesome fight… If Chael wins, we are set for what could turn out to be the biggest fight in UFC history,  Sonnen vs Silva II at a freaking Soccer Stadium, in…. Brazil!!!  Are you kidding me!!!  Man Chael will need a Pope Mobile and like, half of President Obama’s Secret Service staff just to make it in and out alive, what if he was to win???  My God, they better have Scottie on standby to beam his ass up.. I’ve seen firsthand how “Ready-set-go!” them Soccer Hooligans can be…LOL..  All because of the power of his mouth! Good Luck Chael, I like Mark Munoz but I would be telling a lie if I said I wasn’t geeked up about seeing the re-match of all re-matches!!

Until next time, Keep Rockin and remember nothing says love like an…. “ARMBAR!!!!”

By Nameo “The Great”