Come on, Bellator, you’re missing all the fun!

Bellator just finished it’s season and it was a great one! There were exciting match-ups all season long and the tournament finales were amazing! The problem with running a tournaments-only season… well, the problem with thinking in “seasons” in general is that once one season ends, there’s a gap between it and the next season. Inevitably, this leaves your fans out in the cold and they find other entertainment. Hopefully they come back when the new season begins…

So now there’s no Bellator until March. And while they’re “between seasons” there’s all kinds of MMA action from the UFC to the various HD-Net offerings. With UFC on Fox ready to really take hold (and propel the UFC into the stratosphere), there are a lot of new MMA fans to be had. Clamoring for action. And in this time of economic hardship, many of those fans can’t shell out for every UFC Pay-per-view and that leaves a giant-sized opening for Bellator.

This is where “thinking outside the box tournament” would do wonders to build the Bellator brand. There are a number of amazing non-tournament fights that could be put on between now and March. Bellator has been signing fighters left and right and should be using them. I can think of two rematches that would be blockbuster fights: Herron vs. Askren and Eddie Alvarez vs. Michael Chandler. Throw Neil Grove a bone and bring in someone like Tim Sylvia. You’ve got at least three weight classes not involved in the tournaments next season, right? Let’s see some action!

Trust me, your new overlords partners at Viacom want to know they invested in a company that can take advantage of opportunities. This is an opportunity!