Condit: Alone Again, Naturally

Carlos Condit once again finds himself in limbo. The UFC fighter, originally scheduled to fight champion Georges St. Pierre at UFC 137, only to find that opportunity gone when GSP had to bow out due to injury, made a decision. He decided, rather than fight another opponent at the event, that he would wait for GSP.

It’s understandable. After all, we’re talking title shot. And GSP said that he would be ready to go in a matter of weeks. So Condit would wait, and perhaps fight at the Super Bowl weekend event that was speculated would happen.

Of course, if you know the recent history of fighters choosing to wait rather than fight (I’m looking at you Lyoto Machida), you know that things don’t always work out when you wait, and with a few options available, Condit probably should have fought.

Unfortunately for Condit, Nick Diaz’s rant after his victory against BJ Penn, along with GSP’s reaction to Diaz’s lack of respect, forced Dana White’s hand and now Diaz has leapfrogged over Condit to take on GSP on the Super Bowl weekend card.

This was totally predictable. And, for Condit, probably avoidable, had he fought at 137 and had a good showing. At least as far as I can tell, that would’ve given him the best chance at derailing Diaz, at least momentarily.

Dana White has said that Condit agreed to “step aside” to let Diaz and GSP fight, which Condit’s manager, in a letter to Inside MMA, denied. Also, White said that Condit will fight on that card, although no opponent has been announced.

Which leaves Condit to wonder what would’ve happened had he taken a fight instead of sitting out and waiting… I suppose he can hope Diaz can’t go and he gets his title shot after all… hey, stranger things have happened