Countdown to UFC 149: Lombard vs Boetsch

Is anyone else as excited about this matchup and it’s potential as we are? Lombard has an incredible win streak going. There’s an argument that it’s only against ‘cans’. Sure, his competition hasn’t been the top of the top due to them mostly being in the UFC, but competing as often as he does against MW fighters, it’s still an impressive run. ‘Cans’ can be dangerous, especially when you fight 25 of them in a row.

Boetsch is a guy Anthony Dominguez keeps telling us to keep an eye on. We aren’t sold on him yet, but this fight could be a defining moment for him.

Chances are, if either Lombard or Boetsch wins in exciting fashion, the next contendor could come out of this fight. That’s exciting.

Rumble young man Rumble