I’m a huge Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone fan (there are a few questions I would like to ask him, and hopefully those answers don’t change my opinion of him) have been since I saw him on the TapouT show before Mask died (RIP Charles Lewis). I know when he steps in the cage, a good fight will likely occur, plus I’ve adopted his ‘Not Today’ mentality into aspects of my life. He seems like a genuine guy. The Sherdog video attests to that. It’s amazing how he is giving back to the next generation of  fighters through his BMF Ranch, and creating a possible revenue stream for himself when he finally decided to hang up the gloves. Watch the video below, then we will talk about McGregor.

I’m a huge McGregor fan, I caught his last fight on Cage Warriors, then I looked up his previous fights. I thought he was good, thought he would do well in the 145lb division, did I think he would be as good has he has shown? I didn’t know, I certainly didn’t think he would get a title shot so soon. Am I excited to watch that fight? Hell yes. Cowboy and Notorious seem like to guys you would want to hang out with. No matter the situation, they would make it fun. Both have their own way of promoting fights, and both (so Far) have delivered when my dollars where concerned. What more could I ask for?

What blows my mind is the difference in lifestyles. You already watched the Cowboy video above, now check out where McGregor will be finishing his training camp for Aldo. It’s a 12 bedroom mansion in Vegas. A 12 bedroom MANSION in VEGAS! It’s a hard life for that one.

That’s IT!

Rumble young man Rumble