Cris Cyborg disrespected by CSAC

It’s no secret we like Cris Cyborg (PED allegations aside) she’s a phenomenal athlete and a challenge for the entire division. She’s also one of the sweetest women we have ever met. People seem to forget that just because she’s a professional fighter, doesn’t have the modelesque feminine features and is currently on suspension for PED’s that she’s still a woman with feelings and emotions. She doesn’t have an emotional set like male fighters, nor should she.

It pained us to hear that she was singled out and removed from the Strikeforce: Ronda Rousey vs. Sarah Kaufman event in a very public fashion. You think the CSAC would have these kinds of rules posted somewhere or conveyed to the fighters at the time of their suspensions, if we are wrong let us know. We have yet to hear of them informing a fighter of this beforehand, nor have we seen it enforced, we’ve been at several events in Cali where suspended fighters where in attendance even in the corner of other fighters.


“I watched all fights but on the last one, Ronda’s, a woman working on the event came to tell me I had to leave because the commission doesn’t accept suspended athletes on the shows. My manager talked to the guys at the commission and there’s really a law that says that. I was upset for the way they treated me. They could’ve pulled me on a corner and told me, not in front of the fans. I was taking pictures and they interrupted me, saying I had to go. It was very disrespectful. I believe a champion deserves to be treated with respect. Everyone knows an athlete’s life isn’t easy, so all fighters deserve respect. When I was in Brazil I watched UFC and there was no problem.”

“I watched it from upstairs, standing up. I thought she did a great job fighting, had a good performance. She’s a great athlete on her division. This is my last interview on which I’m talking about her. I’m making clear to the fans who want to see this fight that if it’s up to me and her it will never happen because I’m not dropping to her weight class and she can’t gain few pounds to fight me. So I’m only talking about her again if I sign a contract because then it will be a fight that will actually happen. It doesn’t depend on me, it’s up to Strikeforce to decide. If they want this fight they will have to come to an agreement so that both of us are happy.”

Shame on you CSAC.

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