Cyborg and Steroids: The Sad Truth

I have a few things to say about Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos and her predicament. First off, It’s a story that won’t die, but should.

Second-The steroid cyborg got busted for is basically Thermo Gen (a weight loss supplement), it’s not a bulking steroid (look it up), not one for muscle mass, it’s a steroid used to cut fat. Generally Body Builders use it at the end of their cycles just prior to an event to cut the last remaining fat from their systems before going into their water cut. Sadly it’s not gonna matter to anyone, Cyborg tried to cut a corner, tried to cut some weight by using a banned substance, one she might have taken thinking it was legal. If she took it in pill form (which I think was proven?) and it was bought in Brazil, she very well may have thought it was ok. I’ve met Cris, she’s very shy/soft-spoken and a real sweetheart. None of that matters though. unfortunately, the fans/media will only read steroids, and never go further than that.

Thirdly – The Ronda Rousey’s, Gina Carrano’s, Miesha Tates, and Sarah Kaufman’s need to keep their mouths shut (albeit they all have very beautiful mouths) they are only hurting the Women’s MMA division (notice I didn’t say WMMA, cause that’s just stupid, it’s MMA regardless of the gender) by attacking Cyborg. Gina Carrano approached it in the best manner so far, yet, her remarks are still damaging to the women’s’ divisions. The smart play is to bypass the steroids talk and hype your own fights. Don’t continually bring up Cyborg’s name, call for a title shot at 145 since there is no champ there. Point out how in shape you are, pretty, talented, skilled, your record, but leave Cyborg’s name out of it. The women’s division is/has been struggling for years in the US, it’s just getting some life put into it by Zuffa and Dana White…continually pointing out this issue with Cyborg does not help the cause. It pisses Dana White off more, it turns potential fans away from the sport, it demean’s and degrades the talented women in the world who compete, because it forces everyone to keep asking about Cyborg and PED’s in the women’s division. Keep the topic on who’s the best, who’s gonna fight next, who deserves a title shot, get the conversation away from PED’s and keep it on the important things. Like more women to deepen the divisions, more pay for female athletes, PPV’s with women on the under card and in the main event. Let the PED/Cyborg talk die off. And finally, ladies, despite your anger/resentment, give Cyborg a chance to clear her name and continue her career. If she leaves Strikeforce/Zuffa, the chances of the women’s’ division surviving go way down. Think long term, not short term, don’t concentrate on what ‘you’ can get today, but what ‘you’ can provide the women’s division so that future female athletes will have the opportunities available to them. Don’t be selfish!

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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