Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Silva!!!

Anderson Silva did it again. Just amazing. Made me say “Dammit!” three times:

Dammit! This wasn’t supposed to happen!
If anyone looked like they had a chance against Anderson Silva, it was Okami. Trained with Chael Sonnen after Sonnen beat him. Strong. Looked great in the fights leading up to this. Had been in with Silva before, so should have been immune to the “mystique.” Although he didn’t have a high profile in the UFC, he certainly had the credentials.

And Silva: 36 years old. Maybe aside from Sonnen, no one had really punished him in a while, but certainly all those years of training would have to have taken a toll… Also, the endorsement deals: he was a rich man, and couldn’t possibly be as hungry as his opponent. And he made that disturbing Burger King commercial: that’s gotta be soul-sapping…

Dammit! Anderson Silva’s so damn cocky!
“Punch him! Punch him in the face!” “Is he timing Okami, or just toying with him?” “Take him down!” “Dammit!”

Watching Anderson Silva in the cage with Okami was very frustrating. From the pawing at him, the dropping of arms, the lack of being punched, Anderson Silva just made me mad!

Dammit! Anderson Silva’s so damn… good.
He is so fluid, so quick and so effective in the cage… he can be so graceful, it almost seems effortless. It reminds me of something Bernard Hopkins told Rashad Evans, that you don’t always have to throw power if you can catch your opponent by surprise.

At the end of the day, you’ve just got to hand it to him: He is almost unstoppable. Still. Dammit.