Dana White UFC 137 behind the scenes Video Blog

Dana White has become a celebrity in his own right, his video blogs are watched by people all over the world. While I like the idea behind the video blogs, I generally don’t watch them, except to update you, our readers. I turn them on, then start working on another project while I listen for news and info that interests me. Except for the video blog Dana White releases after a fight, those  I watch repeatedly. Many times, the behind the scenes after a card is over, is just as interesting as the actual bouts themselves. This particular video blog was extremely interesting. All of the stories that played out prior to UFC 136 and their resolutions were on full display behind the scenes.

I particularly like the exchanges between nam Phan and Leonard Garcia, Chael horsing around with a young fan, and Melvin Guillard’s emotional breakdown.


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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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