Dana White: UFC on FOX New Jersey Video Blogs

We love the vlogs Dana White does, mainly for the behind the scenes footage. Seeing/hearing the fighters after a fight is the most interesting aspect to us. Although, the Uriah Faber portion at the TUF Live house is pretty F23King hilarious! Listening to Dana talk to Faber from behind the glass is like when kids/parents talk to the animals at the zoo, hoping they will come to the glass. It just gets funnier and funnier. When Dana almost drives his very expensive Ferrai through the TUF bay door, we almost spilled our drinks. Watch the first video and laugh with Dana.

Dominic Cruz gives his Fight predictions for UFC on Fox 3. Dominic Cruz just isn’t comfortable on screen, watch and disagree. Uriah Faber is so much mor comfortable and likeable on screen. Faber picks Diaz…enough said. Why is Rashad Evans becoming more likeable? You tell us.

Rumble young man Rumble