Dennis Hallman’s manties aren’t the only story of his fight

It appears Dennis Hallman has more bad luck than just having his ‘junk’ fall out on TV. After his ‘unfortunate choice of ring attire’ in Joe Rogans words. Hallman suffered a TKO/KO loss at the hands of Brian Ebersol. Shortly after, Hallman let it be known he was having some Elbow problems prior to the fight. After the fight, Hallman went to the ER, it turns out he has been suffering from an undiagnosed  staph infection. All of this information is from Hallman’s twitter account (@DennisHallman). The tweets are below, as are the pics Hallman posted from the ER. Here’s to a speedy recover and hoping Ebersol doesn’t get one himself.

I also gotta point out, Dennis Hallman is a funny dude. Not only did he wear those manties after he lost a bet, he’s able to laugh the whole situation off and take some good natured ribbing from the fans. His current Twitter photo is a closeup of the manties. Read his exchanges with fans below.

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