Do you know where your kids are?

First I gotta say the headlines everyone is putting up regarding Edwin Dewees are pretty F23Ked up. This isn’t a regular case of ‘child abuse’ where your first though is he beat his kids. This is a different situation. Nowhere in the info I’ve been able to find has it said Dewees beats his kids. Nowhere. I think it’s unfair to put the headline out there like that. It’s sensationalism for the sake of web hits. That just sucks for Dewees. This isn’t like Brett Rogers, who beat his wife and kid, while 3 neighbors watched. That was cut and dried. He admitted it. Therefore headlines like ‘Brett Rogers beats wife and kid’ are more appropriate. Publishing headlines like I’ve seen today for Dewees just makes me sick, and glad I’m not a journalist nor do I ever want to be.

I’v met Edwin a few times, he was a pretty nice guy (not a defense, nor is him being ‘a nice guy’ my way of saying he couldn’t do something horrible, just an observation). He’s friends with some friends of mine. I’m not gonna pass judgement ’til all the facts are in. I remember sneaking out of my house when my mom thought I was napping on several occasions. I’d be gone for at least 2 hours before she would figure it out. I don’t think anyone should have called CPS on her, or done an investigation. I really hope this turns out to just be a ‘that’s what kids do’ scenario and it doesn’t lead to anything too terrible for Dewees and his family. Be sure to read the entire report.

From the Daily Courier:

Chino Valley police booked Edwin Dewees Jr., 29, of Chino Valley into the Yavapai County Jail in Camp Verde Thursday afternoon on charges of two counts of child abuse after his twin 2-year-old sons were found walking alone along Road 1 North.

At 2:20 p.m., a person told an officer about two small children walking alone near Road 1 North and Cactus Wren.

The officer immediately found two 2-year-old boys, one wearing just a T-shirt, walking barefoot down Road 1 North, said Cmdr. Mark Garcia of the Chino Valley Police Department.

For nearly two hours, officers tried to find the children’s home and their caretaker, but could not, Garcia said.

At 4:10 p.m., the children’s mother flagged down a police officer in the area and reported that two of her three children were missing, Garcia said.

The woman told the officer she had left the twins and their 4-year-old at home with their father while she went shopping at 10 a.m. and, when she got home, she couldn’t find the twins, Garcia said.

When officers spoke to Dewees, he said he had been cleaning inside the home and didn’t notice the children were gone until his wife returned home, Schaan said.

“He reported he put the children down for a nap and did not notice or hear them leave,” Schaan said.

Dewees told police he thought the boys might have left through a door to the house, Schaan said.

“When the mother got home, Dewees went to wake the children and they were not there,” Schaan said. “He told her he could not find them. She went outside and spoke to some of our officers who were in the area looking for someone responsible for the children.”

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