Does this remind you of anyone?

In my humble opinion, Mike Tyson was the greatest heavyweight of my lifetime. End of discussion. This little clip is from his recent documentary, it’s where he talks about the power of the mind, how he would break his opponents mental game before he threw the first punch. His ring entrance reminds me of a certain MMA bad boy, but I could just be projecting. However, watch how Tyson dodges, slips and ducks punches. Tell that doesn’t remind you of the same MMA bad boy. I am of course referring to Nick Diaz. Remember the Paul Daley fight, everyone though he was out after a big Daley shot landed, and he was on the ground ducking and bobbing, at he party where we watched the fight, everyone was yelling ‘he’s out, he’s out’ but I knew better, he was still completely aware and was expertly dodging and ducking punches, a la Mike Tyson! Watch this and then watch the Diaz/Daley fight. Point made.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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