Dominick Cruz talks injury and fans

I’m not the biggest Dominc Cruz fan. I don’t like his style, I don’t like that he doesn’t finish, I don’t like most anything about him when he’s in the cage. I do however respect his skill set, his record and believe he is the rightful champ. Watching this video, I feel for the guy, his pain, his anguish and his love of the fans. It’s terrible to be sidelined like he’s been, only this time it could prove to be permanent. I know exactly how he feels, with my elbow replacement, I’ve had to change my whole lifestyle, quit doing many of the sports I love.

As much as I don’t like watching Dominic in the Octagon™, I still want him in there so I can rant and rave about how much I don’t like his style, I don’t want his career cut short because of this injury. Get well soon Dominic and continue to piss me off for years to come, please.

Rumble young man Rumble