Douglas Lima admits ‘mistake’

His ‘mistake’ was fighting Ben Askren. about his recent loss

“I did a terrible job. I didn’t do what I trained to do. Before the bout I was feeling fine, but I couldn’t do it when I got in there. It wasn’t my night.

I knew he would be tough at Wrestling and that he would take me down eventually. But I expected more from me. I know I did everything wrong, but I hope to correct it and never let it happen again.

We trained a lot and it worked on training, but when I fought I just blacked out. My bad.

Douglas Lima is an incredible fighter unless he’s facing Ben Askren. Ben shut down every aspect of Lima’s game, stealing his soul and giving it to his wife in the front row for safe keeping, he possibly returned it to Lima at the conclusion of what I’m calling 5 rounds of disgrace. Lima, and every single fighter considering facing Ben Askren needs to watch all of the video they can find on Fitch, GSP, McKee, Kos and Ben himself, then they need to contact one of the previously mentioned fighters (except for Ben, he probably isn’t interested in training the competition) and attempt to train with them, for hours and hours until they can deal with the kind of wrestling/stifling game they bring. Antonio McKee is nearing the end of his career (he has made some statements to the effect recently), If I was him, I would hire my services out to any and every fighter looking to get past any of the fighters I mentioned earlier. Say what you will about McKee, Fitch, Askren or any of the elite wrestlers who use their top game to grind out a victory, they get the ‘W’ more often than not and if anyone could teach you how to counter that game plan, it’s one of the fighters themselves, my money is on McKee, he’s got the longest win streak utilizing the same game plan, Lima, make a call!

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
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