Dragon Slayer! Jon Jones Submits Machida

There were many questions surrounding UFC 140’s main event: light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones vs. Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. Most of the questions were about Jon Jones: Could he take a punch? How would he deal with Lyoto’s Karate-based style? Could Lyoto do what no one else had done and give Jones a challenge?

Those questions were answered soundly as Jon Jones found himself stymied by Machida’s style in the beginning, but not for long. In the post-fight press conference, Jones said in the first round, he found Machida “very, very confusing.”

There were a few exchanges that gave Jones trouble. After entering the round in a low crouch, similar to how he began the match with Rampage Jackson, with a hand on the ground to make a headkick illegal, Jones rose and he and Machida seemed to feel each other out for the majority of the round. Both took turns striking. There was no dominant winner of the round. I gave it to Machida, but the majority of our party gave it to the champion.

In the second round, after a slow start, Jones moved in, took Machida down and gashed his forehead with an elbow. Machida was able to get back to his feet, and once they were against the cage, the ref called timeout and had the cut checked out by a doctor. The doc gave the “thumbs up” and the two were returned to their positions.

Jones pulled away with an elbow, struck Machida with a left and grabbed a standing guillotine choke, pushing the Brazillian fighter against the cage. As Machida futilely pushed at the arms around his neck, Jones pressed forward and pulled up on them, causing his opponent to lose consciousness.

At the ref’s instruction, Jones released Machida, and Machida dropped to the mat, landing on his face.

As Jones was being interviewed by Joe Rogan, medical crew were checking Machida in the background. He was OK and attended the post-fight press conference, displaying a professional attitude when asked about the loss.

Dana White noted that with this defense, Jones becomes the only light heavyweight champion to defend the title twice since Chuck Liddell did it in 2007. Jones is the sixth champion to earn the belt since then. And it looks like he will be holding it for a long time…