Dreaming of a Red Christmas

Bust out the Brandy, there is a God…Brock Lesnar fights for the holidays! I don’t care if they fight in Dubai, or Vegas, or on the moon, I just want to see the blood that covers the mat in any Brock Lesnar fight. Although, most of it has been his the last few years, BUT, a girl can dream, can’t she?

My major concern is last time Team Brock said he was healthy enough to fight, he was done for after his initial :15 bounce-kicky thing (whatever that was) out of the corner! Now, they say his diverticulitis is not as bad as once thought, but as with any injury, especially, inflammation of the intestines (where you’re going to be taking a beating) is definitely something to worry about. His pre-occupation with trying not to get hit in the gut may distract him from the giant fist of Alistair Overeem coming straight at his jaw, which is by far his weak point.

After losing his belt to Cain Velasquez in that brutal mess last year, I’m worried about the outcome, but in the end…a Brock Lesnar fan to the end! Is it December, yet?!