Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig is on a mission

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig holds the fastest KO in the UFC  at 4 seconds. Unfortunately the Nevada State Athletic Commission disagrees.

At UFC Fight Night 3 January 16, 2006 Duane Ludwig faced Jonathan Goulet defeating him by TKO (punch) at 4 seconds, this is where the Nevada State Athletic Commission timekeeper screwed the pooch. Instead of stopping the clock at 4 seconds (when the ref waived off the fight) the timekeeper waited 7 additional, recording the official time at 11 seconds. The UFC record is currently held by Todd Duffee at 7 seconds, a respectable time, but not the amazing time put forth by Duane Ludwig.

Since that night in 2006, most fans have recognized Ludwig as the ‘unofficial’ record holder, I guess for awhile that was enough for Duane. Now it appears, it’s just not enough, and who can blame him. The chances of anyone beating that 4 second mark is pretty remote. With that in mind, Ludwig is on a mission to have his time corrected and the record awarded to him, rightfully so.

Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig is petitioning the Nevada Athletic Commission to check the original footage and give him the fastest KO record.

From MMANonstop.com,

“I’m trying to get 5,000+ likes on Facebook to show I’m not alone on this when I present it to the NSAC.  Do I think it’ll work? Yes, it’s as plain as day.  I just would like some kind of answer from the UFC/NSAC on this.  It has to work.”

“The UFC sent me a copy of the DVD, so I’m going to send that off to the commission with a letter and then with a link to the Facebook [petition] I have,” he said. “Hopefully that gets locked down. That would be cool.”

Duane has taken to Facebook, creating a petition to present to the NSAC showing the support he has from the MMA community. He is also asking fans to email boxing@boxing.nv.gov to ask for the record to be changed.

I saw that fight when it aired, I’ve seen that clip many many times since then, I agree with Ludwig, it’s time for the rightful owner of the fastest KO to get his due. Like the Facebook page and send an email for Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig, the man who should hold the record for fastest KO in a UFC event.

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