UFC177EPICNESSThe UFC  is call this card Epic. Epic, yes, Epic. All because there are 2 title fights, count them, 1, 2. Title fights. Let’s talk about those title fights. The first one is Dillashaw vs. Barao, a rematch that is one of the least earned rematches in UFC history. Dillashaw beat Barao from the first round until he KO’d him. He dropped him in the first and then proceeded to batter him like a Sunday Morning Kung Fu movie, complete with bad dubbing.

The second Epic title fight is Mighty Mouse versus some guy. I mean Chris Cariaso because…yeah.

So watch the video below and get ready for Epic ness. Not that these two fights can’t/won’t be good or upsets even, it’s just that I’m getting a little burnt with the UFC promotion machine. Every fight card is not Epic, every Champion does not deserve an immediate title shot and grabbing random names out of a hat for a title shot kinda takes the shine off the belt, unless the random hat name starches the champ, in that case, GREAT JOB UFC!

Rumble young man Rumble