Everybody’s saying the right things, for now.

So far everyone in the UFC and associated with TUF is saying the right things about a certain fighter and his Gay for Pay past. It’s a non issue as far as they are concerned. I agree, who gives  F23K if a fighter is straight or gay, I don’t. Can the fighter fight? Is that fighter entertaining? That’s all I care about. I’m glad to see Dana White and Urijah Faber making these statements. I’m expecting some seriously homophobic comments and actions to come out of the house tho. Even if the fighter in question doesn’t make the cut, there will be some knuckleheads saying something ignorant. I hope he’s a good fighter and makes the house.

Dana White weighed in with this

“We’ve all made mistakes. It depends on how you’ve handled your mistakes and everything else, but what Cochrane did isn’t illegal. Whether you like it or don’t like it is one thing, but there’s no reason that this kid shouldn’t be able to go for his dreams and make a living.”

“I’m not out here trying to make something like, ‘We’re going to make friends with the gay community. We’re going to do this and that,'” White said. “It is what it is. The guy was in a gay porn. Whether he’s gay or not gay, I don’t give a [expletive] one way or the other. I don’t give a [expletive]. It doesn’t matter. He’s a good fighter. He made it into the house on his fighting skills and what he’s accomplished.

“I don’t know if I have 15 homophobes here or 15 guys who could care less about it. I have no idea. No one has been talked to on the show. ‘We have a very sensitive issue.’ None of that has happened. We don’t do that [expletive]. Whatever happens in that house happens, and then I’m going to have to deal with it. If there’s some crazy [expletive] going on, you know how it works with me. I’m going to be fair and do the right thing. But if stuff crosses the line and bad things happen, I guess I’m going to be going over there a lot.”

And Urijah Faber had this to say

“I’m interested to see where his head’s at with the whole thing. That will be a big deciding factor on how everyone else deals with it. It’s going to come up, there’s no doubt about that. It’s not a subject that just gets looked over. If these guys want to make fun of him or pick on him or whatever, they may be getting beat up by him, so I wouldn’t make him look too bad cause if you’re going to break a guy down and he beats you up then that kind of makes you look bad. I don’t have a problem coaching the kid. I would maybe talk him out of doing something so degrading to himself if it comes up again, but other than that just wish the best for him.”

I also hope he’s got a good sense of humor, because, his past is just ripe with joke after joke. I hope that the guys in the house don’t get all politically correct and stay away from joking with him about his past. As long as it’s not homophobic, I say go for it. I know I would be cracking all kinds of jokes to him and about him, no different than I would to and about any of the other guys with something interesting in their past or current life. Athletes rib each other, they haze, etc. etc, if the house is gonna be normal, then it’s only right to include him just like every other guy in the house. No special treatment, he gets to give and receive if he feels like it. See what I did there? It’s funny, humor is how we as human animals cope, good jokes, good fun is all I’m talking about. No slurs, no agression, no anger, no attacks, just making fun of a guy for his past mistakes, same as every group of friends on the planet does daily to each other. That’s what I’m hoping for. The reason I’m hoping for this is, if everything’s normal, then it’s normal. Gay/Straight whatever, normal is normal. Friends joke with friends, athletes joke with athletes, if everyone does what they would normally do then it’s hard to argue that being Gay is somehow wrong or corruptive or any of the nonsense entities like ‘God hates Fags’ puts out there. I also hope this guy wins or at least get’s a UFC contract, he has a family and needs to make a living. He should be able to do what he loves. Who cares about the rest! Ranters, what do you have to say? Let us know in the comments section.

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