Exclusive Interview: UFC Fighter Anthony Njokuani @ The LA Fitness Expo

I’m a West Coast native, but everybody says I got an East Coast attitude. I can appreciate that. I’ve been through almost all 50 states, all of Canada and most of Mexico, yet LA is my home, at least until I buy a 2nd home in Las Vegas…yeah, this has nothing to do with this article. Well, kinda, Anthony Njokuani was a bit beat after having a good time in LA, something that surprised me since he lives and trains in Las Vegas, I spend an unhealthy amount of time rocking Vegas and couldn’t imagine LA breaking me if I was a Las Vegas native, hell, they don’t have a last call for F23k’s sake! Anyways, Anthony was cool and gave us a great interview, maybe next time I’m in Vegas he can show me how to party right.  Anthony was hanging out at the LA Fitness Expo repping Headrush and gave us an interview. Enjoy.

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Anthony Dominguez
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