Exclusive Interview: UFC Fighter Sean Loeffler @ the LA Fitness Expo

Are you excited for UFC on Fuel TV? You should be, Ellenberger vs. Sanchez should be a great scrap, with title implications hanging heavy over the event, this ‘lil’ show could turn out to be a turning point in the WW division. Add to that the debut of some pretty exciting fighters and you have something interesting.

One of those fighters is Sean Loeffler, not familiar with Sean? Here’s your chance to get a feel for the man. We met Sean at the LA Fitness Expo (where I caught the plague) and boy did he deliver! Unfortunately the ‘plague’ must have already been affecting me cause I screwed up and didn’t get his intro on tape, it’s a sad day. His intro was the 2nd best intro we’ve ever had right under Don Frye’s. Sean Loeffler is a real character, he’s funny, talented and outspoken, just what the MW division needs right now. Check out this quick interview with the man with a thousand belts, Sean Loeffler.

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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