Look at that smile! Look at it! Could you hit that face?!?

Forget all that you know about Fedor: the man is adorable! Aw, hell… FEDORable!

I’ve ranted before that I missed Fedor at his prime, when he waylaid opponents emotionlessly. This “mystique” everyone talks about… Instead, I’ve seen his recent fights, which were not impressive. I’m beginning to think he’s human after all. I mean, look at him: he’s a big Russian teddy bear!

Fedor in Korea

OK, a little housekeeping:
I am a man who can admit when it looks like he’s wrong. Previously, I opined that Fedor-Hendo would be disappointing. I stand by that, because of the hype surrounding it, but something made me consider that I might be wrong:

Fedor weighed-in at 223.

223! Looks like “The Last Emperor” has come to fight!

Here it is: fight day! I tried to resist, to no avail: I’m in. I can’t wait to see this fight card, even the fight at the top of it. What can I say: I’m an MMA fan! This stuff’s like ice cream to me!


Fedor adorably eating two ice cream cones