Fedor’s Empire is Burning…

As promised, Zuffa Inc. released Fedor Emelienko “The Last Emperor” from Strikeforce after his knockout loss to Dan Henderson, saving millions in future earnings for the promotion.

Fedor, while popular among hardcore MMA fans, just isn’t the draw that some believe. His recent performances (three losses: submission, 2 TKO) after a layoff have not brought recent fans to his side in this fast-growing sport.

Tied to M-1 Global, Fedor has a few options, none of which are big in America. Dream is probably his best option, as far as salary is concerned, should he decide to continue fighting.

Unfortunately, it is likely that the money M-1 would demand would put him out of reach for smaller promotions, not only limiting his options, but also limiting the opportunities for him to rebound against quality opponents. I can’t imagine a future where Fedor would ever fight in the UFC, Bellator or MFC… he’s at an odd segment of the value equation where he simply doesn’t bring in the amount of viewers his pay demands are most likely at.

Instead of being a hot commodity, a free legend on the open market with buzz surrounding him, Fedor and M-1 Global find themselves overshadowed by Golden Glory and Alistair Overeem. Rumors abound, but few involve the Russian.

Fedor has done much for the sport, and while on some level it would be nice to see him go out on top, perhaps retirement is the best option, while his legacy still has some shine to it. Some are calling for a cut down to 205, but even at that weight, do you think he could really hang with the top talent in that division? Set your emotions aside and really consider that. I don’t know that he could.

Meanwhile, every week that goes by Fedor’s profile fades. And with all the news flying around in the MMA world, you have to wonder what he’s thinking, as he sits and watches his empire burn…