Fight Club OC Promoter Eyes Spike TV-Interview

From Fight Club OC:

In all due respect to Bellator and Bjorn Rebney, ProElite, and Shark Fights, my company is also interested in approaching Spike TV with our Fight Club OC concept, should Spike TV want to continue in the mixed martial arts business after their relationship with the UFC ends. The UFC on Spike TV has done more to make MMA more mainstream than any other promotion ever created, and while no entity can replace the UFC on Spike TV, any promoter worth his salt would like the challenge of trying.

What Roy Englebrecht Promotions and our Fight Club OC concept has going for us is that we have created a new fight promotions business model that has not lost money on one single show that we have promoted over the past six years, certainly a rarity outside of the UFC.

One only has to visit our website to see how we do our business and the fact that we have sold out all four Fight Club OC shows in 2011.

We have already registered the Fight Club name in a large number of US markets so to be able to deliver a new Fight Club series to Spike TV from across the nation would not be difficult.

We are currently working on a presentation to deliver to Spike TV executives in the near future.

Fight Club OC Head Honcho Roy Englebrecht is eying Spike TV for his promotions TV début. A bold move by an up and coming promotion.

Fight Club OC is a California-based promotion putting on Hybrid fight cards. A hybrid fight card showcases boxing matches and MMA bouts consisting of talented established boxers and up and coming MMA fighters. According to Roy Englebrecht, 36 current or former Boxing Champions have competed on his cards, also, a handful of MMA fighters have since gone on to fight for the UFC, Bellator and Strikeforce. You may think that a handful isn’t all that impressive, unless you take into account the amount of promotions and MMA fighters vying for spots on the big stage. A handful of MMA fighters progressing from a single promotion shows the caliber of fights said promotion is able to set up for our viewing pleasure.

MMA Rants Today contacted Fight Club OC and spoke to Roy Englebrecht about his plans, he was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions.

Fight Club OC has been doing things right for a number of years. When I asked Roy about his concept, he said:

“We do a Hybrid show of Boxing and MMA, and it is done successfully, that’s why we don’t call it boxing club or MMA club. Thank you to Brad Pitt and Ed Norton.” {laughs} “We are the king of the minor leagues.” Roy followed with, “That’s who we are and we are very proud of this. A major league experience on a minor league level.”

One can’t argue with his assertion. Fight Club OC is successful where many promotions fail, having put on many shows over the past 26 years (Ed. note-Fight Club OC is a more recent endeavor), Roy Englebrecht and Fight Club OC are looking to expand into other markets. They have registered names in many prominent cities such as Fight Club Miami, in anticipation of a production deal. I suspect that with or without a production deal Roy and his family run business will expand into several markets over the next few years. Why not? Why should California be the only place to see the caliber of fights Roy and Fight Club OC put on regularly? It would just be selfish not to share.

When asked about thier successful track record (Ed. Note- Fight Club OC has not lost money on a single show) Roy said:

“When you are the first, you capture the market.”

Hard to argue with that. I know as a fight fan (MMA predominately, yet I still love a good boxing match, it’s just harder and harder to find those these days) the idea of a night filled with quality fights, both Boxing and MMA, excites me to no end. How it is that we here at MMA Rants Today have not been to a Fight Club OC show yet is mind boggling, something we plan to remedy immediately. Expect full coverage from the next Fight Club OC show from us.

After getting to know a little more about Fight Club OC we wondered what the concept would be for Spike Tv.

When asked if the concept being presented to Spike was a Hybrid show Roy Stated:

We are looking at a Fight Club Thursday or Saturday concept for MMA, strictly an MMA concept. Like what the networks used to do with Friday night fights. That’s what the networks are looking for.

I gotta say, I was really hoping for Bellator to secure the Spike deal, however after learning about Fight Club OC, I’m leaning towards them as who I would like to watch weekly on Spike. The more healthy promotions on the national stage, the higher caliber fights we as a viewing audience will get to see. For me, there isn’t ever gonna be too much MMA on TV. What do you think?

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