Fight Summit Recap

Where do I begin?

Wednesday morning I was in Huntington Beach interviewing Tyson Jeffries, Thursday morning I was in Las Vegas at the Rio attending the Fight SummitSaturday morning I was recovering.

The Fight Summit website says it’s a must attend event. I have to agree. I won’t lie, it’s small. Well, this year was small, I expect next year to be much bigger. When I say it was ‘small’ I am not saying it was bad. In fact, myself and 98% of the attendees I spoke to said the size of the event made meeting, networking and making business connections much easier, not to mention profitable. It was by far the best convention I have attended in my business career. I was able to conduct more business, make more contacts and put names to twitter handles at an alarming rate.

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I started off by having breakfast (provided by the event) then I proceeded to go from booth to booth introducing myself and to the businesses in attendance. Several businesses knew me from our Twitter, it was great putting faces with Twitter handles. It will make for better Twitter conversations. After making the rounds, I took a break (grabbed some delicious lunch, also provided by the event) by attending one of the many seminars provided. I chose to attend several seminars, most concerning marketing, brand growth and business expansion. Some of the information was common sense, not very useful, unless however you were just starting a business, then it was very useful. The seminars were good primers for building a foundation for your business, but the real gems of info came after each seminar when the speakers stayed behind and fielded questions from the many attendees. I found myself standing with several others huddled around different seminar speakers listening to the advice they gave to start up and established businesses. It was spectacular. As the day progressed, I would show up for the last few minutes of seminars I wasn’t interested in just to hear the Q & A because the information being given out was like gold. Once again, I have to say, it was the best convention I have attended, ever. Keep in mind, I’ve attended literally 100’s of different business conventions over the years. I ended the day with a few new friends, made plans for dinner and drinks then hit Vegas.

Friday was much the same as Thursday, except I only planned to attend for 1-2 hours. Instead I stayed till the Union Crew broke down the booths and all of the businesses had left. Who woulda thought? Friday turned out to be the best day for me and We made more connections and business deals Friday than we did Thursday (expect to see some changes in the coming months due to this event, good changes) as did several of the people I met that day.

If you missed this year, make sure you attend next year, better yet, make sure you have a booth. I am expecting next years event to be 2-3 times larger than this years. Don’t get scared, this event is set up the right way, the bigger it gets the better it will be for all of us. I will be there next year, will you?

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Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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