Fighters turning on Joe Rogan’s commentary

This isn’t news to anyone. More and more fighters are beginning to turn on Joe Rogan’s commentary, Rampage, Urijah, and many many other fighters have said the same thing.

What makes this funny is, who the F23K cares how Rogan calls the fights? The judges don’t hear him, the audience in attendance doesn’t hear him, only the home audience hears him. He doesn’t influence decisions in the Octagon™, only opinions outside the Octagon™, which once again doesn’t matter since all fight fans have their own opinions. 2 finas can watch the same fight, see a dominant decision, then argue about who the winner is.

Rogan’s job is to hype the fights, engage the audience and make the UFC more money. Fighters need to lay off the man and his commentary.

Rumble young man Rumble