Finally! Bellator Heavyweight Championship!

I would imagine that anyone in the fight game has had their patience tested. You train, train and train some more and then hopefully it pays off with a win. Then back to training. You get held down, beaten up, choked, pulled apart and just worked over.

Now, imagine going through this process several times, with no real result. That is the story of Eric Prindle’s recent ascent to tonight’s Bellator Heavyweight Championship match with Cole Konrad.

It’s been documented well all over the fight ‘net that Prindle’s stutter-stop qualifying (non) bout with Thiago “Big Monster” Santos has got him to this point. But what has had to have been the most frustrating part is that after these events, he’s back to training. And Cole Konrad presents a series of different challenges than Santos. So the focus of the training changes.

Tonight, it all comes to an end. Prindle vs. Konrad for the Belt. Finally.

My pick: Prindle, in a second round TKO.


What’s with Prindle’s odd tan? Anyone looking into that? Hahaha!