First UFC Superfight?

It looks like Anderson Silva and GSP are finally ready to make the superfight happen.

It makes sense for Anderson, he’s getting close to retirement (speculation), this would make for the biggest payday of his career, not a bad way to step out of the sport. There are a few possible roadblocks, one being Carlos Condit. If GSP doesn’t get through Condit, he’s not gonna be able to sell fighting the widely considered P4P greatest MMA fighter in the sport. Then there is the weight class, how much will GSP go up, how much will Anderson Silva go down? It’s being thrown around that it will be a catchweight bout, thus leaving both belts intact. It’s great in theory, at least on a money level. As far as competition goes, we aren’t convinced GSP is real competition for Silva, are you?

Rumble young man Rumble