Flip Me, no seriously

There are a ton of products popping up in the world of MMA. Many of  them are garbage. Like Mos Def says, ‘You spit hot garbage son of Sanford’ and it rings true each and every day. Google MMA products and you will understand. Aside from the high end training gear and the handful of clothing that isn’t d-baggery, there aren’t very many pieces of MMA related items I would really want in my house. Sure, some figures are cool, a piece of the Octagon™ from a major fight is a thought, Pride Gloves are a must have and now, a Flip Me table and Coaster set.

While at the UFC Gym opening, we came across one Alfred Kraker and his incredible tables, emblazoned with 2 historical moments in UFC history. One on one side, and one on the other. We were blown away instantly, after a few minutes of introduction, Alfred gave us the brief history of how these tables came about. We won’t bore you with the details, we will tell you that they will be available to you very soon.

The standard table comes with an image on one side only, so you can flip it for events and have a ‘normal’ coffee table the rest of the time. The craftsmanship is top notch, no expense was spared in the materials. That’s just the tables, We haven’t even gotten to the coasters! We tried to steal a set, but were promptly reprimanded by Alfred, he’s a big man, and we didn’t want to try to outrun him for fear of the repercussions. The coasters are high quality materials with UFC legends on one side and their stats/info on the reverse. See the pictures below to be blown away. If you can’t find a place for the table, you can always find a place for some awesome coasters.

Flip Me has plans to offer versions of the tables and coasters for many of the major Sports teams along with MMA. We want a table with our favorite UFC fight on 1 side and our favorite Pride fight on the other, what would be your dream table?

You can contact Flip Me here:

When you make a purchase, and we know you will, let them know you heard about them from MMA Rants Today, we are trying to get some love, plus coasters and a table for the office!

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