For once, I’m on Rashad’s side

I’m not a fan of Rashad’s for the most part, but that was a total asshat disrespectful move by that ‘fan’. The guy is taking time out of his schedule, HIS TRAINING SCHEDULE, his time with his family and friends to sign autographs and meet/greet fans. He is a professional MMA fighter, a one time LHW Champion and a human being, show the man the respect he has earned, and deserves. If you don’t like him, or aren’t really his fan (like me) then don’t go to his autograph signing, don’t approach him and try some crap like that.

Something to keep in mind, not all fighters have an ‘off’ switch, if you disrespect some of them like this, you get your ass handed to you. I guarantee if someone tried that with a few of the Brazilian fighters, that fan would be knocked the F23K out and we would be talking about the video of him getting KO’d by such and such fighter.

Learn some respect.

That’s It!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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