For One Glorious Moment, Belfort Had It!

Ooooh it waa almost an incredible upset! (not to mention a profitable one!)

When the fight opened with Jon Jones crawling forward and I joked, “Belfort should just soccer kick him and walk away saying ‘worth it.'” …and then he kinda did (!) throwing a kick up just as Jones rose to stand, prompting Jones to look at Ref. “Big” John McCarthy to complain and got back “you want to play the game…” Awesome.

Then Jones shot to take Belfort down, something unexpected but the perfect plan to counter Belfort’s fast starts. We all thought it would end quickly, in spite of Belfort’s Gracie Black Belt in BJJ… but when he slapped an arm bar on Jones the room exploded! Amazing! The most common submission and Jones fell right into it!

“It’s gonna break!” “Hold it! Pull!” “This is it!” We all watched as Jones’ arm bent the wrong way at the elbow… but no tap came, and Jones escaped. From that point, the fight was as one-sided as we’d imagined, with two exceptions: We truly did not think it would go as far as it did and Belfort’s consistent pulling guard was a mystery.

In fact, beyond the first arm bar attempt, Belfort’s entire performance was strange. He would be inside on Jones, in a great position to begin a barrage of fists but wouldn’t pull the trigger. Instead, he would grab Jones and pull guard, ending up on his back, controlled by Jones and taking fists and elbows. He was tentative.  It was odd…

…until the post-fight interview, when a clearly struggling to catch his breath Belfort explained that he’d been injured in training, and thought he might’ve broken a rib or two. Then it made perfect sense.

It was a beautiful moment… the massive underdog came so close.. for a brief moment, Belfort had it.