Frankie Edgar knows a few things

One of which is, Jose Aldo is an absolute nightmare in the Octagon™. He’s absolutely sure of this, he doesn’t take it lightly and he doesn’t just want to drop down and go for it without really making a run at 155 and being sure he’s done there. Then it will be time to assess 145, make a plan and attack. What he’s not gonna do is just drop down and expect a fight with Aldo to be easy. The more I learn about Frankie Edgar, the more I like him.

Frankie Edgar on moving to 145lbs

“I got nothin’ against 145 (pounds). Will I make it there one day? Probably. You know? That’s the truth. But, I just don’t wanna go out on these terms. I felt like the fight was too close for me to just be like, ‘Alright, I’m going down to 45,’ you know? You know, the reality is that when I first got into this, there was not 45, there was only 55. Actually, when I first started fighting, UFC didn’t even have 55. So, when 55 came, that’s where I fought. Then, I started doing well, and my record kinda speaks for itself. It is the plan, to eventually go down one day, just not now… Forty-five is a ways away. But, he’s (Aldo is) tough. Just because you go down a weight class doesn’t mean it gets any easier, especially when you’re fighting a guy like Jose Aldo. He’s got the power on these guys, but he’s got the speed also. He presents a lot of problems.”

Ranters, what do you think? Who wins if Frankie drops down to 145? Aldo or Frankie? Let us know in the comments below.

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