Frankie Edgar:155 Reasons Ep.2

Frankie Edgar is training hard for his rematch against Benson Henderson, a rematch we were completely against, not because we didn’t think Frankie deserved it, but because we want to see somebody new fight for the title. Frankie has fought the same 3 people 27 times in the last 3 years. 27 times we tell ya! Okay, maybe not that many times, but it feels like that. But, and like like Sir Mix-a-Lot says, ‘We like big BUTS and we can not lie.’ We’ve come around on this one. We are excited to see Frankie Edgar prove everyone wrong again.

The media and the UFC have done what hadn’t previously been done, it’s made us huge fans of Frankie. We never discounted his talent, he just wasn’t the guy we wanted to win, especially against our perennial favorite, BJ Penn. But he did, twice. Then the media/UFC started talking about a drop to 145 for Frankie after 1 loss, 1 measly loss in a fight that he was competitive in. WTF! The man has done the impossible several times at 155, he’s not getting trashed or destroyed (he was the F23king Champ!) by the challengers to his throne. Sure, he’s a bit smaller than other 155’ers, who cares. He has a work ethic and determination, plus he cuts like 4-5 pounds for a fight, making him aggressive, and strong. We are big proponents of only cutting 10-15lbs maximum for a fight. Frankie proves it’s possible to be a world class athlete at your given weight.

In this brilliant series by Gaspari Nutrition, Frankie gives us 155 reason why he’s still the champ and will get his belt back come UFC 150. We hope he does. Go champ!

Rumble young man Rumble