Funny Thing about Europe

As many of you have heard, Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt, the embattled former UFC middleweight contender and newly announced TRT recipient has signed with Bamma. Bamma is a fine promotion, hosting 6 solid shows in the recent past. Paul Daley is in Bamma, so are a handful of other solid A and B+ fighters. I said ‘handful’ not several, not many, just a handful. Regardless, it’s a good promotion with a few fight opportunities for Marquardt. He could very possibly reign as the biggest fish ‘over the pond’. Either way, good for Marquardt. Things were getting a bit dicey for him since being released from the UFC (I’m not gonna go over that story again) dealing with the different athletic commissions, and finally the heated debate his TRT has produced in both fan and fighter alike. Bellator took a pass, as did the new ProElite. Re read that last sentence. The #5 middleweight was passed over by the star hungry Bellator and the newly re opened ProElite (a promotion scrambling for high-profile talent as I write this article). Nate Marquardt might singlehandedly be the reason we see random drug testing in some of the bigger promotions, not random Fight Night testing, random testing. Meaning, randomly throughout the year. If that’s the case, I’m happy it works out that way.

As some have pointed out, Europe leaves drug testing up to the promotions to handle individually. Mighty nice for ol’ Nate if you ask me, convenient even. I’m not saying, or implying that Nate will be on any banned substances. What I am clearly saying, is that the move is very convenient for a fighter who has recently had some major problems with 2 if not 3 athletic commissions in the past 90 days. My gut tells me Nate will test clean if Bamma, as they stated, does introduce tests for title fights and random tests pre and post-fight. Nate and his team of managers/trainers know a negative test will likely relegate Nate to fighting in promotions putting on shows at state carnivals. This might be Nate’s last run, it’s safe to say, the scrutiny he will encounter with almost every Athletic Commission here in the states might make scheduling fights a bit difficult for any promotion. Bamma UK is the best bet for Nate ‘The Great’ Marquardt.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief.