Gary who? Said what?

Gary Shaw, the onetime President of EliteXC and current promoter of Kimbo Slice’s boxing career, had some harsh words for the current incarnation of ProElite. ‘Laughable’ is a good word, considering how Shaw is rumored to have run EliteXC, with the help of his son, the Shaw’s are rumored to be partially if not wholly responsible for EliteXC’s downfall. Brash boxing promoters with success and questionable backgrounds, the Shaws have no love lost for current CEO T. Jay Thompson.


“I think it’s laughable. The people running it are jokes. It’s not real and the only game in town is the UFC. I wouldn’t have been [interested in being involved with ProElite again]. All of my time is with boxing. Like I said, the only game in town is the UFC. You can’t beat them any longer. They are too entrenched,” Shaw explained. “They bought the next best thing, which was Strikeforce. Fedor’ s gone from the scene. So, right now it’s only the UFC. They’re miles ahead of everyone right now. It’s like us coming up with some fast food franchise and beating McDonald’s and Burger King. It’s not gonna happen.”

Shaw’s right about the UFC being the premiere in North America at the moment (most likely for quite some time), yet T. Jay Thompson has stated again and again that they are looking to fill the void StrikeForce has left since being purchased by Zuffa. If he sticks to that plan, they may have a future. Slow and steady wins the race.


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