Gerald Harris drops knowledge to keyboard warriors


Some idiots on Twitter and other places (certain forums) and through email have felt the need to attack Gerald Harris, going so far as to call him a _____. You can guess the word on your own. There are several points in this video worth hearing, the one about gamblers makes a whole ton of sense and his quote about King Mo is hilarious, cause it’s probably true.

“Mo would slap the sh!t out of you.”

I like Gerald Harris, always have. He’s talented, exciting and intelligent. Once again, attacking a fighter or any celebrity online, as a nameless, faceless entity is pretty cowardly. The truth is, as Gerald says, we all talk sh!t, it’s in our nature. The key is to keep from putting that nonsense online, or telling someone face to face. Feel free to talk mad nonsense at you TV, I do. We all yell, scream, cuss and hate on guys in the cage. It’s the fan in us, we get excited and passionate. Do we really feel or mean those things we yell in a drunken MMA stupor? No, not in the least. Keep it in your living room and off the internets.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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