Goldie and Rogan talk Shogun/Vera & Bader/Machida

Shogun vs Vera is coming at some point. Do you care? It’s one of these fights that just doesn’t spark our interest, aside from it being an MMA fight. You know we will watch it, but what’s the goal for these 2 fighters with this one? We get why Vera is on board, it’s a career boost for him, but Shogun…it’s a lose lose for him. If he wins, so what? If he loses, he lost to Brandon Vera, a fighter who has been on a skid as of late. No disrespect to Vera, his status will not help Shogun move up in the rankings. All we want to see is a good fight, the old Brandon Vera could show up and give us one hell of a war, we way yes please.

We are excited for Lyoto Machida vs. Ryan Bader. Bader looked good in his last bout and a win over Machida would propel into the title mix. For Machida, this is probably his last chance to make a mark and chase the title, it’s an interesting macthup that has exciting potential.

Rumble young man Rumble