Gracie Kids Worlds @ the LA Fitness Expo

The LA Fitness Expo hada ton of MMA related exhibits, lots of MMA fighters hanging out and the Gracie Kids Worlds. If you’ve never seen a BJJ tournament it’s pretty exciting, especially when you see 5 year old kids going for it. BJJ is a great sport, it’s safer than most other sports and builds incredible confidence. Watching these kids compete was a highlight of my day, it was also a good look at the future of the sport of MMA, there where 3 year olds there who could sub me, it’s scary to think about what they will become in the next 15 years. The sport of MMA is gonna se some huge changes in the next 10 years, there are kids training every style you could imagine right now in preparation for their title reigns when they go pro. Imagine that, kids training their entire life, then stepping into a cage. I can’t wait, it’s gonna be incredible, the talent pool is deep, just watch below for a little taste. Enjoy.

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