Greatest MMA Fighter EVER?!

Out at a casino last night, and watched 2 grown men get into a fist fight over a PRE-season football game. After I put my money on the guy with vomit on his shirt, I thought to myself, “Why is it no one ever brawls like this over MMA fighters?” It’s always the Quarterbacks that are protected by 89 rules that get people fired up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Cowboy fan to the end, but there’s something romantic about watching men fight in a cage…brings me back to my Cavewoman roots! He who wins gets to drag me by the hair back to the cave!

Anyways, before I get too caught up in my fantasy…I’m going to toss my opinion out there about who I think is the Greatest MMA Fighter. With a record of 30 – 4 – 0 with 17 (T)KO’s, 6 by submission, and 7 by decision, I have to go with my favorite Brazilian “Spider,” Anderson Silva!

In fact, finish this sentence for me, “If Okami KO’s Silva on Saturday, August 27th, I will….” All bets will be taken into consideration! 🙂