Greg Jackson: Monday Hangover

Greg Jackson is a genius when it comes to preparing a fighter for a bout. His success speaks for itself. But just in case it didn’t, Greg Jackson was on every MMA show last week, with the hosts fawning all over him and his magical game planning.


Clay Guida, the Energizer bunny of MMA, spent a good deal of time with Jackson planning his approach to his bout with Gray Maynard. It worked well for Carlos Condit, when he out-pointed Nick Diaz. Even Georges St. Pierre, although generally criticized for his “safe” style, benefits from Greg Jackson’s input. But when Guida implemented the plan, it seemed like part of it got lost in translation: the part where he was supposed to fight.

It was going well in the first couple of rounds. Guida would bounce around in an abstract rhythm, hopping in and landing punches and hopping out before Maynard could land his own. Sure, it was frustrating the crowd, who came to see a fight, especially one from Clay Guida, who isn’t usually one to avoid mixing it up, and it frustrated Dana White, who tweeted during the match that he was booing along with the audience, but more importantly it frustrated Gray Maynard.

This would be the time for Guida to pounce, take advantage of a frustrated opponent operating on emotion and prove that he deserved the next title shot, by putting Maynard away in impressive fashion. But he didn’t. He kept on bouncing. So much so that he received a warning that if he didn’t fight, he would lose a point. Gameplan fail.

That’s the only thing that makes sense: Jackson had him between rounds—if he was not following the plan, he would’ve let Clay know, right?

This won’t hurt Jackson’s reputation. This won’t stop fighters from seeking out his wisdom. It won’t even give them pause. But it does give Greg Jackson this week’s Monday Hangover.