GSP out! Diaz to face Condit!

There’s fight drama in the UFC again as the same three fighters seem to churn around the prospect of a title match with Georges St. Pierre.

GSP tore his ACL in training for his UFC 143 title bout with Nick Diaz, the second time he injured his knee. The first, in preparation for UFC 137, caused the UFC to shuffle it’s headliners so that Diaz fought BJ Penn, while Carlos Condit, originally scheduled to face Penn, was left out in the cold.

This time, the shuffling has Diaz facing Condit who was scheduled to face Josh Koscheck while Josh Koscheck who fairly recently received a thrashing from GSP, is the one left out. It remains to be seen whether Koscheck will remain on the card with a different match-up.

With his upcoming surgery, GSP could be sidelined for a few months, possibly up to 10 months. which could put the whole title situation up in the air. If the rehab takes longer than 10 months (and possibly less than that) the UFC could decide to vacate the title.

RANT: GSP is known to train very hard leading into fights. It doesn’t really come as any surprise that he is injured. However, it is disappointing. Given his technical, less aggressive and certainly controlled style, a fighter like Nick Diaz puts a lot of pressure on a fighter like GSP. Because of his willingness to put his body at risk, Nick Diaz will always have an advantage on GSP. Did this push GSP to train harder than even he has in the past, causing the injury? It certainly falls within the realm of possibility.

Which is a fancy way of putting it the way Diaz probably would: GSP: Don’t be scared, homie.