GSP out of UFC 137-My Take

Since I was out of the office away from all sources of information, I found out about GSP being injured very late in the day. I texted several people to gauge response, one buddies response was classic.

I saw earlier. Kinda glad about that…I would like to stay awake through the main event. I’m a GSP hater. 

While I myself am not a ‘GSP hater’, I understand his feelings. GSP has gone to decision 9 times in his 24 fights. That doesn’t sound like a bad ratio unless you put it into perspective. Out of 12 title fights he has gone to a decision win 6 times, submission win 2 times and T/KO 4 times. Since July 09′ he’s gone  4 straight decisions victories.

For comparison: (I’m not counting losses by decision, as I didn’t for GSP either)

  • Anderson Silva has gone to decision 8 times in his 35 fights. Of his 13 title fights he has gone to decision 2 times, submission wins 2 times and T/KO 9 times.
  • Matt Hughes has gone to decision 10 times in his 54 fights. Of his 11 title fights he has gone to decision 1 time, submission wins 4 times and T/KO 5 times.
  • Chuck Liddell has gone to decision 7 times in his 29 fights. Of his 6 title fights he has gone to decision 0 times, submission wins 1 time by technicality and T/KO 4 times.
I could keep going. And going. And going with these examples. My point remains the same, GSP isn’t the same fighter he was during his 6 sub/T/KO wins. He is now a ‘safer’ fighter. I don’t care if he says ‘I try for finish’ after every fight. From my couch, it hasn’t looked like ‘He try for finish’.
Yet, despite not being overly interested in seeing GSP look amazing for 5 rounds, I am upset by his injury. Why you may ask? It pushes everyone else in the WW line back 2 steps. Condit will wait for GSP to heal, leaving the winner of BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz in limbo, not to mention all of the other top WW’s waiting patiently for a title shot or even just a #1 contender spot. Everyone is forced to move laterally, backwards or to stand still. It’s a very similar situation as we had at LW. Thank goodness that one is cleared up.
I hope GSP heals quickly, Condit stays healthy, and Diaz beats Penn. I would sell a baby to see GSP vs. Diaz.

That’s it!
Anthony Dominguez
comedian.writer.lover…Editor in Chief

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