Hector Lombard taking UFC 149 loss hard

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Hector Lombard fought a very different fight than we are used to seeing from him, so different in fact, it prompted UFC’s Dana White to suggest he move down to 170. It was Lombard’s first loss in 2o something fights, it may well have crushed his title hopes in the UFC and has definately had an impact on him emotionally. Sunday night into the early Monday morning Hector was on Twitter talking to fans and haters alike about the fight and the fact that he hadn’t slept in 2 days due to the loss. His performance and some other issues seem to be weighing heavily on him right now.

We gotta say, Hector is a true champ, check a few twitter responses from and you will see why. Even the haters get a friendly response. We sincerely hope Hector comes out of this experience a better fighter and gets that title shot he so badly wanted going into the Boetsch fight.

Rumble young Man Rumble