Henderson: Give me 8 weeks, I’ll fight anyone (but Anderson)

Ben Henderson is a beast. His dismantling of contender Jim Miller at UFC on Versus 5 showed many what those of us who saw him in the WEC have known for some time: Bendo is for real.

Appearing on HD-net’s Inside MMA, Ben Henderson was asked about his next match-up. The winner of Edgar-Maynard? Clay Guida? Guilliard?

His answer: Give me eight weeks, I’ll fight anyone.*

As a fan of MMA, you’ve gotta love that. As a fan of MMA, you’ve gotta love the fights Henderson has been a part of.

In my opinion, if it wasn’t for that amazing Matrix-style fence kick from Anthomy Pettis, Henderson would’ve entered the UFC as the reigning WEC Champ. In my opinion, he was winning that fight and his seemingly-unlimited gas tank would’ve been too much for Pettis to compete with for five rounds. The man has cardio!

Which makes Clay Guida a very interesting match-up. Two fighters with amazing cardio, extremely active styles, great wrestling, solid striking… tough to submit… I would pay to see that fight!

I think you could put Ben Henderson in the cage against anyone in the division: Penn, Edgar, Maynard… and he’d have a great chance to pull off the win. Dominantly.



*It should be noted, before he said that, the show recapped UFC in Rio’s Anderson Silva win and Henderson noted how he’d not want to fight Anderson Silva right now… but I’m pretty sure that was before the eight week camp disclaimer.