Hendo back to the UFC? Don’t count on it.

In shocking news, Dana White say’s he’s open to talking to Hendo regarding a UFC return.

Dana White:

“We’ll see what happens, ‘Hendo’ and I have had some history in dealings. We’ll see if we can figure something out and get him back in the UFC.”

“It’s not that I’ve never been interested in Henderson, Listen, you can come to a deal with guys or you can’t.”

Dan is being very diplomatic in his responses regarding Hendo. Let’s face, if Hendo stays with StrikeForce or moves to the UFC I’ll be very surprised. I can’t imagine that Zuffa will pay Hendo what he was making on his previous contract, let alone give him a raise. There is no doubt in my mind Hendo will be looking for a bigger payday.

Unfortunately, as great as Hendo is in the cage, he has not proven to be a consistent draw. He wasn’t in Pride, he wasn’t in his first UFC run, he wasn’t in StrikeForce. He probably won’t be in any of the North American promotions. Dream however, he could be a strong draw. With his Pride pedigree, his recent accomplishments, the big payday could be in the land of the Rising Sun.

Don’t expect Hendo and Dana White to come to terms anytime soon. I might point out that no one asked if Hendo would be resigned with StrikeForce, everyone assumed the UFC would be the only option, says a lot about StrikeForce’s future.

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